The Isles

The Serpentine Isles all the way down to Mordenkainen’s Reach make up The Isles collectively. It is said that all manner of people live there and that it is a kind of microcosm of all the races in the world. Rumoured to have been home once to the greatest wizard who ever lived.


Starting from the northernmost island:

The Serpentine Isles

Seleias: An island known to be inhabited by mostly tribal lizardfolk and snake people. Full of thick jungle.

Ydyras: A small community of Kobolds are said to live here, otherwise relatively uninhabited.

Ilithiren: An island inhabited by multicultural groups of humans, halflings and dwarves. Attacked periodically by the resident gnolls.

Uidar: A small island that is home to lots of swamps and an abundance of fey creatures.

Bak’nuu: An island with the ancient ruins of a civilisation.

Vundaraak: An isle home to a tribal people who have long mastered the magic of creating golems (and use them as servants for their everyday lives).

Ith’ala: An island almost entirely inhabited by fish-people known as Kuo-tua.

The Civilised Isles

Nuranu: Here rests a number of cities that are rumoured to be quite technologically advanced. But visiting there is considered forbidden, as almost nobody who has set foot there has returned.

Afnadot: A tropical island home to a people who live a dual-life of underground and aboveground living.

Gerenis: Home to many tieflings who seek to reconstruct their great empire here. Many different Houses compete for power here as they did in the previous Empire of Bael Turath.

Ongondalos: Rumoured to house a gigantic island-wide maze.

Indiros: Home to a mostly humanoid population who has struck a deal with pirates, allowing them to use the island as a base in exchange for their freedom.

Eldos: An island that is rumoured to have a great elemental influence on the citizens. The people who live there are tight-lipped about it however.

Gharos: An isle where there lives a population of stoic people who claim they “seek to rise above the struggles of the world.”

The Elven Isles

Wuranril: Home to mostly woodland elves.

Sindharil: A haven for half-elves who have created their own community with influences from both human and elven cultures. They have a negative view of piracy.

Manaril: An island said to be home to the mythic first family of pirates who defend their home viciously from the Southern Traders and Merchants Authority.

Lindaril: Home to many elves who seek to live in harmony with nature. The animals that live on the island are rumoured to be incredibly rare and are valuable on the illegal market.

The Dragonborn Isles

Ikawu: A small island home to one person, a hermit.

Akine: An island owned by the Ojira pirate group. They do not allow any non-members onto the island or to moor there.

Oldaka: A small island devoted to the gods. Home to a large population of clerics and paladins.

Nobune: An island where a dragon is revered as the leader by the local dragonborn population.

Ojira: The location of the Dragonborn Emperor’s palace and the central island in this chain for the Dragonborn. A very lawful populace led by the Emperor and a council of elders.

Osae: A rural community on this island is responsible for most of the prosperity of the surrounding islands.

Mordenkainen’s Stretch

Jur’rak: An isle host to two major ports. Port Ka’apla is the base of operations for the Southern Traders and Merchants Authority and insists on wiping out piracy. The other port, Sailrest, is a pirate haven. There is almost a constant conflict going on between the two.

Tan’wa: A mostly uninhabited island that is said to be home to a mystical seer.

Mnelasi: An island home to many different people, including a pirate port (Eikan), an ancient ruined tower, and a community of monks.

The Isles

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