Factions of Sigil

These are the factions of Sigil and their beliefs:

The Athar (the defiers, the lost)
The gods are frauds, they are merely powerful creatures. It’s possible there is something greater than them out there. (They asked the group to stop a temple gathering, the group decided to distribute flyers)

Believers in the Source (the godsmen)
This life is a test, and we can all ascend to godhood. (They asked for a book about the Raven Queen)

Bleak Cabal (the bleakers, the cabal, the madmen)
The multiverse has no inherent meaning, so find meaning inside yourself.

Doomguard (sinkers)
All things are destined for entropy. (The group visited them, but could not convince the devil at the armoury to assist them)

Dustmen (dusties, the dead)
This life is false, and we should aspire to reach True Death.

The Fated (the takers, the heartless)
Use your strength to take what you want. (Convinced them that there would be information in it for them if they helped)

The Fraternity of Order (the guvners)
Law is the ultimate power in the multiverse. Understand all law and you possess all power. (delivered a book to a female githzerai on mechanus, the plane with gears)

The Free League (indeps)
Freedom above all else.

The Harmonium (the hardheads)
The multiverse must reach peace and harmony, no matter the cost. (they located the origin of a drug shipment for them)

The Mercykillers (red death)
Punish those who deserve justice. (They took Gardryx, a kobold who wants to become a paladin off their hands)

The Revolutionary League (the anarchists)
Tear down the current order so we may all seek the truth with no interference.

The Sign of One (the signers)
Everyone is the centre of the multiverse and with our minds we create reality. (Spoke to Fell, the Dabus and convinced Rulisa to rejoin the signers)

The Society of Sensation (the sensates)
To know ultimate truth we must experience all things. (gave them a unique experience each for their magical stones)

The Transcendent Order (the Ciphers)
Discipline your body and mind to act as one. Thought keeps us from action.

The Xaositects (the chaosmen)
The multiverse is chaos. Be a part of the chaos.

Factions of Sigil

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