Cant of Sigil

This is a short guide to the cant of Sigil, slang phrases, expressions and words used by the folk of the Cage. This is only a portion of it, but should get you started. If you thirst for more, check out:

Addle-cove: an insult calling someone an idiot. Also shortened to ‘addled.’
eg. You addled or something, berk?
Those addle-coves are gonna get themselves put in the dead book.

Bang around: to hang around a place, spend time somewhere in between things.
eg. That poor sod’s been banging around Baator again.

Bar that: shut up about that, often used suddenly to shut down a topic of conversation.
eg. You wanna get involved in the cross-trade, cutter-? Oh! Nope, bar that, I’m outta here. Not getting scragged by the Harmonium again.

Barmy :Crazy
eg. They’re barmy if they think they can cross the Harmonium.

Basher : A fighter, but a general word used to just mean ‘someone.’
eg. You want a drink, basher?

Berk: An idiot. General use insult.
eg. It takes a real berk to turn down an offer as good as this! (you’re probably getting peeled, see Peel)

Bob- The business of cheating someone, whether it’s of their cash, their honour, or their trust. Good guides in Sigil warn a cutter when someone’s bobbing him.
eg. I just bobbed a leatherhead on the street!

Body: General use term to mean a person.
eg. What’s a body gotta do to get some bub around here?

Blood: expert in an area. Also a term of respect, implying skill or wisdom.
eg. Don’t worry about it, we’ve got some real bloods on the job.

Bone-box: Your mouth.
eg. You keep rattling your bone-box at me, cutter, and I’ll give you a nick!

Brain-box: Your head. Used similarly to bone-box.
eg. Go soak your brain box, berk!

Bub: Alcohol, often cheap alcohol.
eg. Buy us all a round of bub and I’ll tell you the chant.

Bubber: a drunk
eg. That bubber between watch his step, or he’ll fall.

Case: the house of a cutter
eg. I’d better get home to my case, it’s been a long day.

Chant: local gossip, news
eg. Give me the chant on what happened yesterday and I’ll let you in on the dark of that basher over there.

Chiv: weapon, mostly blades
eg. You got a chiv on you, cutter?

Cutter: anyone. a person, used when you address someone.
eg. What’s going on today, cutter?

Clueless: A prime, someone from the prime material plane who doesn’t know what’s what in Sigil or the planes. Also an insult.
eg. We should go peel that clueless out of his jink.

Cross-trade: anything illegal or thieving
eg. I heard they did a cross-trade deal down in the basement.

Dark: secret or secrets
eg. I know the dark about the Lady of Pain, but if I told ya, I’d have to put you in the dead book.

Fence: person that thieves report to and give stolen things to
eg. Where’s your fence, cutter? Don’t make me get the Red Death over here.

Garnish: a bribe
eg. You wanna grease a few palms with some garnish there, berk, or are we gonan have to take you in?

Give em the laugh: escape the clutches of someone
eg. Nearly got caught by the Harmonium earlier, but I gave em the laugh.

Giving someone the yawn: boring them
eg. You keep tellin’ me about the guvners and you’ll give me the yawn, you will!

Go to the mazes: a way to tell someone to fuck off. Refers to the Lady of Pain’s ability to trap someone in a personal maze.
eg. They wanted my jink, but I told ’em to go to the mazes!

Jink: money
eg. You got the jink to buy this, cutter?

Kip: place to sleep the night
eg. I’ve been up to my eyes in bub since yesterday, and I’ve gotta find myself a kip!

Knight of the Cross-trade: a thief
eg. You a knight of the cross-trade, berk? Get your soddin arse away from me shop!

Leafless tree: the gallows, hangman’s noose
eg. They’re swingin’ from the leafless tree now.

Leatherhead: idiot
eg. What a leatherhead, I just saw someone bob him in the street!

Nick: A cut, an attack, often used in threats.
eg. I nicked him good, got his chiv!

Park your ears: to eavesdrop or listen to someone.
eg. Park your ears, cutter! I’ll tell you a tale!

Peel: a con or swindle
eg. You’re about to get peeled, just walk away.

Peery: suspicious and on one’s guard
eg. When they heard knights of the cross-trade were about, everyone in the square got real peery.

Put in the dead book: Killed. Refers to the massive book of the dead found and catalogued in Sigil’s Mortuary.
eg. Cutter was barmy, got himself put in the dead book!

Ride: adventure, task
eg. What’s the ride today, boss?

Rube: clueless person
eg. That rube just got peeled!

Scragged: arrested or caught
eg. Yeah, that’s right! All the anarchs got scragged!

Screed: someone who speaks a lot but doesn’t know anything, or referring to the things they say.
eg. Don’t listen to her, she talks a lot of screed!

Sod: an unfortunate soui, or used sarcastically to describe someone who got themselves into a mess.
eg. That poor sod just got scragged.

Spiv: person who lives by their wits instead of employment
eg. That spiv peels someone new every day.

The Cage: Sigil, a nickname for it.
eg. I’ve been bangin’ around the cage for years!

The Lady: The Lady of Pain, the undisputed ruler of Sigil. Or rather, she’s taken care of anyone who tried to dispute her.
eg. Stay peery, here comes the Lady!

The mazes: the Lady of Pain’s punishments of choice most of the time.
eg. Addle-cove just walked up to the Lady and started worshipping her. No wonder he got mazed!

Tout: Sigil’s local tour guides, for a fee. Just be careful you’re not being bobbed by one.
eg. See that Tout over there? Go rattle your bone-box at them if you want a tour.

Turn stag: to betray or use treachery
eg. And then the berk turned stag on me!

Twig: take a liking to someone or something.
eg. She’s really twigged to you, cutter.

Well-lanned: connected, in touch
eg. That cutter’s well-lanned, go chat to them about where to buy a portal key.

Cant of Sigil

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