Atlea and Beyond

Session Thirty Three: The Vacation

The group take a well-deserved rest, but more mystery seems to surround them even as they relax.

The group and a lot of bystanders made their way to the ruins of Hestavar’s Great Hall to find a large crater was created by the falling object. In the smoking crater they saw a red crystalline rock that appeared as a human body if it were curled up. Slowly the body began to uncurl and made its way to the semblances of feet it possessed.

Hanael warned everyone to stay back to let angels search the ruins for survivors. A follower of Ioun recognised the crystal, retrieved the appropriate book via magical means and told them the crystal was from the legendary Living Gate. Hanael asked the creature to communicate and it replied telepathically. Hanael asked the creature permission to study it further, but promised it no harm. The follower of Ioun continued to tell them that the Living Gate was built to stop an incursion of a dangerous realm into the Astral Sea. Apparently the gate had splintered or broken and they were looking at a fragment of it. Hanael escorted the crystalline creature away.

Shortly after, Sehanine arrived and asked the group if they would like a reward for their work defending the Feywild. She told them that she could take them to Arvandor, a beautiful astral dominion of nature and magic. Most of them agreed to go and travelled with her to Faen Verdaya.
When she arrived, Seven began to have visions.

In her first vision she saw a dark scene of a massive mountain. On top of the mountain was a fortress that gave her chills. She could see the forms of souls flowing through the sky towards the fortress. Before the mountain, she saw a cloaked figure that raised its hands in a magical gesture. Then hands began to reach up out of the ground and undead bodies came forth, slowly making their way to the mountain.


In her second vision, she saw a massive plain that met with the edge of a desert. An army of humans, dwarves and halflings stood on the grassy side, while a contingent of drow met them on the desert side. These were clearly the forces of the Amrelnian Kingdom and the Empire of Khosh. The Khoshian side demanded answers from the Amrelnians about why their army was bordering their land. The Amrelnian side replied that there were suspicions that the Empire of Khosh had been sending spies into their kingdom. It went back and forth, with the Khoshian side revealing that their Emperor was unable to come to the border to discuss this and both sides deciding to send messengers to their superiors.

In her third, she heard a voice speak in her head that sounded like an old man. He introduced himself as Mordenkainen. He told her that he was trapped in a magical prison and only able communicate with her (the first in thousands of years) because her mind seemed to be a “nexus.” He rambled on for a while, but eventually asked Seven for a favour. He asked her to find a scroll for him in his old tower, his legacy, and complete it on his behalf. In exchange her suggested that he could give her any information he possessed, as he was an educated and sage user of the magic arts. He left her with that thought and she returned to reality.

Silver was visited by Asmodeus, who asked her about the ring he’d given her. He told her that her new mission was to kill a man named Rolan in the Shadowfell city of Gloomwrought and retrieve Asmodeus’ amulet. As a final note, he asked her also to kill Alathar. He told her that upon completing these tasks, she would be rewarded well.

In Faen Verdaya, the party found a few enjoyable distractions, like the local alcoholic beverages and a lake of mermaids to swim with. Soon, at Corellon’s invitation, they went on a hunt to destroy an abomination made by the Primordials and the Gods that had gotten loose in the plane. They defeated it and relaxed before their return to Hestavar.




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