Atlea and Beyond

Session Thirty Five: Patricide

Seven assists Mordenkainen and confronts her father, Dominicus.

The group headed through the portal to Atlea, deciding to check up on Ghalem’Ka. They saw that nothing was amiss at first, then went to the palace. Emperor Ralan’daak was still bedridden, recovering very slowly from his incredible injuries. Ralan’daak seemed concerned that he might not have long to live.

A short time later, Mordenkainen spoke to Seven again inside her head. He told her that since her mind was a nexus and connected to everywhere at once, she might be able to use it to teleport (with some magical assistance). Trolol obliged and Mordenkainen described a place vividly to her so she could teleport there. It was successful and they appeared suddenly on a tower balcony overlooking a mountain. Mordenkainen asked them to go inside, where they would find a small scroll container amongst the rubble with his final unfinished work on it.
He asked Seven to dictate to Trolol so that they could complete his final work. He told them that this was his legacy and would preserve his lifetime of magical research. They completed the scroll and it disappeared in a flash of magical light. They returned to Ghalem’Ka.

After speaking with Seven extensively about her situation, Mordenkainen found out Vecna was involved and that he had been seen killing the Raven Queen in a vision. He suggested that perhaps Vecna planned to use Seven’s mind to cast a spell over the whole world at once, as it was connected to everything.
The group went to a temple of the Raven Queen to get another confirmation that Seven’s vision was correct and Priestess Aryllan told them they seemed to have lost contact with the Raven Queen. Back in the street, Seven’s father Dominicus arrived, claiming that he was there to take Seven back with him to Vecna. A fight erupted and Dominicus revealed that Seven was only one of many children he’d created in an effort to make them into weapons for Vecna.
After a difficult fight, Seven and the rest of the group managed to kill Dominicus. She took out his heart and they burned the body afterwards. She then took the heart to get protected by clerics so that Dominicus could not be raised from the dead.




Meanwhile, in Malbolge, the sixth hell of Baator:
Silver expected for the call she received to be from Asmodeus as usual, but she found herself talking to a young woman instead. The young woman that stood before her had bat wings on her back and bright red hair. She was adorned with lots of expensive looking jewellery.

She snapped her fingers and the environment around Silver changed. She arrived in a beautiful garden bordered on all sides by pillars with struggling humans chained to them by their hands. The humans cried out in pain as their flesh on their arms and legs seems to be seared by a red runic mark. The garden featured an astonishing array of different flowers, trees and vibrant green grasses home to small wildlife vaguely reminiscent of squirrels. The garden would’ve been almost peaceful if it weren’t for the screaming of the people around it.

a Glasya “Silver. I am Glasya, Princess of Baator, the Nine Hells. Daughter to Asmodeus and heiress to all you see around you. Queen of the sixth, Malbolge. I have a proposition for you.”
She walked along a path lined with brimstone through the garden and beckoned for Silver to walk with her. She leaned down to one of the squirrel-like creatures and called it up to her arm. She stroked it down its back as she spoke.
a Glasya “I’m aware of your pact with father, he is very proud of those souls whom he has bound to his service. You no doubt know that we deal in souls. They are a source of power unparalleled in all the planes, but to accomplish anything…noteworthy, many, many of them are needed. My sources tell me that father has given you a ring, a powerful thing, that uses souls. I suspect he wanted to introduce to you what it feels like to manipulate them. But he holds back your potential. He fears you, as he fears all others with power. Even that ring has greater potential which he has yet to unlock for you. But I can. Father, for all his power, is getting old. Though he would never admit to it, his time as ruler of the Nine is coming to an end.”

She casted her hand over the little creature on her arm and it squealed a shrill sound as it burst into flame. Within mere seconds there was nothing left but charred remains, which fell to the ground and crumbled to dust.

a Glasya “If I unlock for you the ultimate potential of that ring, in exchange I would ask you for a favour. The power of that ring to manipulate souls is a function of its ability to store them. But it can only hold so many souls. I can make a small adjustment to it that would enable the surplus of souls to be directed here. Father could never know about such a thing, he would consider it a treason against him. But I know that you do not wish to be held back by his lack of ambition any further. What do you say? I can unlock the full potential of the ring for you and as a small repayment, the excess souls you cannot hold within it are directed to me.”

Silver accepted the offer and Glasya touched the ring, changing it.



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