The Kingdom of Amrelnia

One of the two major divisions of the western continent of Atlea. It and the Empire of Khosh make up the remnants of the Aalreoni Empire that once existed in their lands.
This kingdom is home to many different peoples, Elves, Halflings, Half-elves, Humans, Dwarves and the odd Tiefling or Dragonborn.
The kingdom is a traditional monarchy, ruled by kings of a royal bloodline (except where they cannot be found).

Recent rulers have included:

Wilbur III (the current King)
Wilbur II
Wilbur I
Ludgren the Caretaker
Ukeroth the Caretaker
Narkeroth the Caretaker

The current under-ruler of the Northern duchies is Duke Dothlar.

The royal line of ancient Aalreoni was unbroken until the year 1095 of the Seventh Age, when Najala secretly killed what remained of the royal bloodline. She missed some however, who hid away in the wake of the recent deaths. Their children were not told about their royal bloodline, and after several generations all that was left was the brother and sister, Oizo and Nine Hapshetsutsen. Nine gave birth to Seven, who is also part of the Aalreoni bloodline.

The Kingdom of Amrelnia

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