Major Objectives

-Find the powerful gems before Shothragot does.
-Reclaim the gems from Vecna.
-Discover why the drow underneath Ghalem’Ka wanted Khosh and Amrelnia to go to war.

Character specific (optional):
Silver: -Kill a man named Rolan in the Shadowfell city of Gloomwrought and kill Alathar (from Asmodeus).
Char: -Eliminate all other Shardminds and return their essences to the Living Gate (personal)
Oizo: -Get his old body back.

-Save the town of Greencourt from Im’Ahzral.
-Visit the Empress and offer to help find her assassins.
-Find Oizo’s sister, Nine, and discover why she disappeared originally.
-Find out what Albi, Isis’ husband has to do with all of this.
-Rescue Oizo’s soul from the Shadowfell and find a new body for him.
-Cross the sea and get to Vor Rukoth.
-Escape from the slavers (Trolol, Seven and Albi).
-Retrieve the Demon King’s Claw.
-Discover where Nine has been taken by Najala.
-Stop Najala from killing the remaining descendants of the royal families.
-Find the last of the five items needed to destroy Najala’s phylactery.
-Uncover the Cult of the Elemental Eye.
-Search the undersea temple of the cult.
-Assassinate Myrulnay, High Priestess of Lolth for the Priestess of the Elemental Eye.
-Return to Prince Ralan’daak with news and the ambassador.
-Stay at the Prince’s palace and wait to see if any assassins attempt to break in.
-Attend the Prince’s coronation.
-Escape from Buarainechs clutches.
-Restore Rolan to normal by travelling to the Fortress of Frozen Tears.
-Defeat the devils that attacked the airship.
-Travel to Hestavar to attend the meeting with the angels.
-Uncover the gem from the tomb of the Dragonborn Emperor.
-Find the gem that is located in Sigil.
-Retrieve the gem from the Ethsmas Mountains.
-Retrieve the gem from Norjal.
-Retrieve the gem from Pazunia.
-Find out why Buarainech wanted the corner trees.
-Save the Feywild from the void.
-Cleanse the Sacred Tree of the aberrant creature.
-Uncover information from the temple of Tharizdun in Pandemonium.
-Stop Khosh and The Amrelnian Kingdom from going to war.
-Find their way back home (specifically for Oizo, Silver and Char).
-Disrupt Vecna’s necromantic power over the dead.

Seven: -Help Mordenkainen by finishing the scroll for him. His work is in the isle of Mnelasi. (from Mordenkainen)
-Figure out why her mind is a nexus and keeps giving her visions (personal).
-Help Mordenkainen by finishing the scroll for him. His work is in the isle of Mnelasi. (from Mordenkainen)

Major Objectives

Atlea and Beyond Stackle