The Calendar system in Atlea is almost universal, with a few outlying regions using traditional calendars. It is a holdover from the time of the great empires that spanned the globe that had such communication that they came to a compromise on measuring time.

Each month is made up of approximately 100 days, and there are four months per year:
-Firstmonth (Summer, also known as Pelorquarter)
-Secondmonth(Harvest, Autumn, also known as Sehaninequarter)
-Thirdmonth (Winter, also known as Ravenquarter, known in the early fourth age as Khalaquarter)
-Fourthmonth(Seeding, Spring, also known as Corellonquarter)
These correspond appromixately to the seasonal changes. In the Atlean world, a year is actually 400 days, and creatures of this world age at this rate of one year per 400 days. Atlea’s moon makes a complete cycle once every 100 days.

The days are referred to by their number and in the month they are in, eg. sixtiethday in thirdmonth.

A List of Festivals in Atlea

The current year in Atlea is 1480.


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