Atlea in the Seventh Age

An introduction to the world of Atlea in the Seventh Age and ten facts about it:

1. The world is ancient and has a lot of history.
Secrets abound and ancient ruins dot the landscape. There have been innumerable wars over the ages and the world has changed dramatically over the eras of time.

2. Civilisation has begun to rebuild on the foundations of yesteryear.
The Seventh Age began with the fall of the major empires of Atlea. Slowly civilisation is being reconstructed. Many places still need work to be restored, but many cities are built atop the ruins of their former history.

3. The wilderness between settlements is a dangerous place.
Many beasts and monsters roam the space between settlements and monstrous races regularly attack small settlements without great defences.

4. Magic is uncommon, but in large settlements there may be a few casters.
Magic is still quite amazing to the common person, but those in powerful positions such as empresses or kings are used to dealing with it occasionally. Magic users are still quite valued to those who would need their services.

5. Gods and primordials shaped the world, but no longer inhabit it.
There is an uneasy peace between these two forces as the gods are dominant, but do not interfere
much with the world. The primordials though would like nothing more than to unmake the world and return it to chaotic elements, then remake and unmake it again as they did eternally in the ancient past.

6. There are a near infinite number of planes.
The planes other than the prime material make up most of the cosmos and incredible things happen there regularly. The common folk of Atlea however, don’t hold much stock in stories of the planes as actual places and simply believe in ‘the realms of the gods and monsters.’ Getting to the other planes can range between being often accidental to near-impossible, depending on the plane.

7. Multicultural, but disconnected.
Between humans, halflings, elves, eladrin, dwarves, dragonborn, tieflings, goblins, orcs, giants, gnolls and many others, there are a lot of different cultures. In some places, they mix well, in others, one or two of them may dominate. And though news does travel and rumours spread, most people are mostly unaware of the events that take place on the other side of the world.

8. The world has medieval technology, the planes may have magical technology.
The prime material plane of Atlea boasts castles, siege warfare and other typical medieval fare, but on the planes, the possibilities are limitless. There are entire planes of mechanical beings and other places where magic is so potent that thought takes physical form.

9. Atlea is approximately two-thirds the size of Earth.
The world is a big place with great expanses of land and terrain between major places. Travelling great distances may take months or even years without the use of magic.

10. Intrigue and mystery abound in major cities.
Small town folk may be surprised to find no less than twenty different schemes hatching in a local tavern in the Emerald City or Ghalem’Ka (or its underground sister-city, Erelhei-Cinlu). It’s no secret that power is coveted in the world above all else, though the disconnectedness of the different civilisations keeps it mostly local. (It would be rare to see a plot against the crown in the Emerald City being formed in Arkhosia, across the sea.)

Atlea in the Seventh Age

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