Lavant Revenmar

During the sixth age, Lavant was the Prince of the Southern Kingdom. His surname means "King of Ravens."


He was once the Prince of the Southern Kingdom, but didn’t like that life. He yearned to be free, even against his father’s wishes. He came into contact with Torog, and made a pact with him, enabling him strength and other supernatural abilities, but he was forced to give Torog a person, a captive, once every four weeks. If he did not, his powers would fade away, as would his life, becoming Torog’s to do as he wished. He only ever sent one captive, and regretted it. He found a solution, however. By consuming a magical bead every day, it provided him enough to keep the power to survive and use his stolen powers. He became a pirate captain and sailed the world’s five major seas.

Then, he met Azura, and left the pirate ship, joining her for a brief adventure before losing her to Asmodeus. Since then, it’s been ten years, and he’s uncovered the secrets of the planes, no longer simply being a worldly traveller. Away from Torog and with access to so many places, he discovered a way to rid himself of his curse, finally.

Lavant Revenmar

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