Alathar Yotherin/Hayne

A broke carpet salesman who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Alathar or ‘Gil’ as he is more commonly known. A broke carpet salesman and owner of “The Carpet Burn” (with huge fire sales) competiton to “Cut-a-Rug”(with massivly cut prices) owned by Prismeus.

He has been saved several times by the party, most recently at the Temple of Lolth where he was to be a human sacrifice (or drow sacrifice).

He has decided to travel with our heroes, and thanks to Ralan’daak, is going to become their resident blacksmith.

When he made contact with Nine, his and her bodies were floodied with the souls of Hayne and Sharaea, a couple who had fled the Prince of Frost by allowing themselves to be reborn in the future.

The Prince located them however and took Alathar/Hayne captive. Sharaea called out to devils for help, and they granted her power in exchange for her soul. She used up the power destroying the Prince of Frost and saving Hayne and Alathar.

Alathar Yotherin/Hayne

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