Atlea and Beyond

Session Twenty Two: Tomb of the Dragonborn Emperor Part One

A terrible snowstorm and an ancient tomb.

The party were teleported to the Bitter Peaks, a high northern mountain range. They appeared during a terrible snowstorm and had to navigate their airship through the horrific weather. As they struggled to steer the airship, avoiding cliffs and debris, something like a face formed in the snowstorm. It screamed in a low deep voice at them “Cryonax will destroy you. You will never stop the eye!”
After risking their lives in that otherworldly storm, the group managed to escape the mountains. They found themselves flying across the open fields of Amrelnian land. They headed across the sea and in a few weeks, they had reached Arkhosia. Once they reached Arkhosia, they departed the airship to find a town with few inhabitants. The dragonborn were stoic and kept mostly to themselves. Following the signs, the group travelled to the tomb at the edge of town. Outside the tomb they found the body of a female dragonborn and they took it back to the town guard to report the death. The captain of the guard thanked them, but said that with no clue as to who committed the murder, there was little they could do. The group decided to explore the tomb, as maybe they could find the murderers along with the gem they searched for.

They found that the entrance to the tomb was a great dragon face, and they had to lower themselves into its mouth to enter. An inscription on the tomb entrance suggested that they should honour the deceased dragonborn buried there. They did so, and entered. They found themselves in a small room with several doors, and they decided to head south. They rounded a corner and found a few undead dragonborn skeletons wielding weapons, along with a bloody ritual circle on the floor. They defeated the skeletons, while they found a secret door that led to a new room.


Inside this room they found a spirit that was trapped there. The spirit told them that it was the late Dragonborn Emperor, Thrabilax Ironscale. It told them that he might be freed from his entrapment if they defeated the necromancers that had imprisoned him. He warned them though that they were foul and underhanded beings, these necromancers. They would not be unprepared.
The group headed out and went north, finding a stairwell that led down to the second level below.



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