Atlea and Beyond

Session Twenty One: Hestavar, the Bright City

Attacked by devils and whisked into the Astral Sea for an important mission.

As the group escaped from the Fortress of Frozen Tears aboard their airship, they noticed a large flying shape came down from the clouds. It looked like a giant whale but flew through the sky. On its back were devils, which jumped onto the airship when it flew alongside.


The group fought against the devils as Nine and Alathar come up to the deck. Alathar turned to run back down, but Nine put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. When they made contact, something seemed to pass between them as they looked at each other. They nodded to each other, and Alathar turned. He called upon the dragon Tiamat had bestowed him to fight with the devils and then drew his sword. He leapt from the quarterdeck down to face the foes.


The devils were defeated and the dragon flew away. Alathar was injured in the battle and Nine rushed over to help him. She called him by a different name however, addressing him as Hayne. When he awoke, he called her Sharaea. When asked about it, they told the group that there was an arrangement between Sharaea and Hayne with the Raven Queen. They wished to escape the wrath of the Prince of Frost, and requested to be reborn in the future as other people. They would only remember who they were if they made contact. When they touched, memories came floodied back to them.

The airship made its way back to Mithrendain, where they were greeted by a legion of angels. Mana thanked the group and left to search for Wenraldio. Illvanuel advised the group to bring the ensnared Aboleth aboard their ship, but to keep it trapped. Trolol did so and the Aboleths attitude seemed to have changed somewhat. One of the angels asked the group to come to a meeting in the Astral Sea about the creature that had just awakened. He assured them that Forever’s Edge would be attended to by angels. The reason they had not acted sooner is because they did not want to hasten the enemies’ plan before they knew what it was, so they remained in secret. The party agreed to go with them, and the angels performed a ritual using themselves as runes for a teleportation circle. The world around them faded as they began to see the Astral Sea materialise around them. In every direction there were stars shining and astral spheres containing colourful and exotic worlds.
They made their way towards one of the spheres that contained a shining city built into the mountainside. The angel welcomed them to Hestavar and gave them a scroll they could use to navigate once both ways between here and the material plane. The party flew down to a giant hall where the meeting was being held and discovered all manner of creatures wandering the city.

In the meeting, they were advised that an entity named Shothragot was awakened recently and searched for hundreds of powerful gems that were scattered throughout the planes and the Astral Sea. They did not have much more information, except the group volunteered that the cultists that summoned Shothragot had spiral tattoos and runes.


They returned to the airship to find that the Aboleth greeted them. It informed them that it had the ability to read their minds and it knew about the gems. It told them that if they agreed to release it, it had the location of one of the gems in its ancient racial memory. They agreed, but only on the condition that they find the gem first. It told them that it could be found on the material plane, buried in the tomb of the Dragonborn Emperor. They knew this to be located in the old capital of the Arkhosian Empire, Arkhos City. They performed the ritual to planeshift back to Atlea, but the ritual could only bring them to the plane. Where on that plane they would end up was random.



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