Atlea and Beyond

Session Thirty Six: The Rage of Shothragot

The group prevent a war from breaking out, but are eventually divided across the planes.

The party noticed a shadowy figure watching them as they went about the city. They stayed the night in Ghalem’Ka and woke up to find Trolol gone. He left them a note:

Dearest friends (and silver),
I have meditated on this for months. You must understand the decision I have made is for the good of not only the party but for people as a whole.
I have to leave. I am a danger to everyone. The fires of destruction that rage through my body are too much for the party to handle.
I know that losing a great leader such as myself will be of unparalleled detriment to the quest at hand. Don’t worry though I believe in you and think you’ll do great.
Please try to understand this is not goodbye. Just goodbye for now.
Your friend and former party member, Protector of the Fey, Arcana Expert and all around nice Eladrin,
Trolol Olol.
P.s. I’ve gone to live with the merpeople. I have named myself their ruler. Ciao..

Emperor Ralan’daak called the group to speak with him. He told them that political tensions between The Empire of Khosh and The Amrelnian Kingdom had heightened. He was to speak today to the King to alleviate his concerns. The group agreed to go with him and help negotiate. They got a message from Hanael telling them about a lead on Vecna. The party sent Rolan and Seven along with the Githyanki they had recruited a while ago to investigate it on the ruined plane of Pluton.
The King met with the Emperor and they exchanged words. The King was convinced that Khosh had been sending spies into his city and he had confessions from three of them. Becoming frustrated with their arguments, Char psionically teleported itself between the two rulers, ordering them to cease. This brought the situation to a new height of tension, but it was slowly defused as the group arranged to go and interrogate the spies themselves in the Emerald City, under heavy Amrelnian guard. Thanks to some trickery by Silver, they managed to get the information they needed. The spies had been sent by the Cult of the Elemental Eye underneath Ghalem’Ka in the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu to disrupt the two nations and begin a war. The King and Emperor managed to make amends, agreeing to Oizo’s suggestion that it might be time they made an alliance.


The group returned to Ghalem’Ka and were confronted by an enraged and rampaging Shothragot.
The avatar attempted to destroy them as revenge for them giving the gems over to Vecna and thus setting back his own plans. After a long battle, the group managed to weaken Shothragot, forcing him in desperation to open a portal and fling them through it to an unknown plane.
They found themselves lost with an ill Emperor Ralan’daak in a deadly jungle, stranded on an unknown plane of existence. Their ears filled with the terrible keening of a million wild animals as they began to search their surroundings.




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