Atlea and Beyond

Session Thirty Nine: Garavond

The group in Garavond fought against the advancing metal golem, but did not expect what would happen next. Haagenti, the mad artificer, flooded the chamber they were in with fire and lightning, challenging the group to stay alive while giving his creation the upper hand. It was unsuccessful though, as Oizo and Char proved quite resilient, while Silver completely locked down the golem, stopping it from attacking with her infernal powers.


They defeated the golem, but Haagenti would not give up. He told them that time passes quicker here, so they would simply starve or get sleepy before his creations would all be defeated. He sent more of the metal golems down the hallway at them, but Rosaline told Alicia that it was almost time for them to teleport. Right as the creations would have slammed into the group, they disappeared from Garavond.

They appeared in Atlea, on the walls of the Emerald City. But they soon saw that the city was being attacked by hordes of undead. They quickly rushed to the aid of the guards below the walls, defeating swathes of zombies with ease.




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