Atlea and Beyond

Session Thirty Eight: Out Of The Fire and Into The Frying Pan?

One group escapes from the Grey Waste and the other from the Abyss. But are they truly out of danger now?

The group in the Abyss came across a lizardfolk tribe, who initially seemed hostile, but wanted to ask them for help. They led them back to their small settlement to show the group that a glowing suit of chain mail sat in the centre of it. They begged the group to take the armour away, mentioning that it was left here by a paladin that attacked them, but perished. When they tried to leave, it burnt their flesh and demanded it be taken to its master. Oizo picked up the chainmail and negotiated with it, telling it that its master was dead, but that it might find him worthy if it would allow him to wear it.


Meanwhile, in the Grey Waste, Seven, Rolan, the mysterious bard and the githyanki heard a terrifying roar. They estimated that it must have come from a thousand demons at once. Seven peeked outside to discover that demons AND devils had been raised from the dead and were fighting ferociously nearby.
The group heard a voice speak to them in their heads. It was Hanael, shocked to discover that the dead had risen both there and in Hestavar. He told them that they must hurry back to Hestavar as it is in terrible danger. He had sent some of his agents to help collect them.
Outside they saw a tall angel figure cutting down devils and demons. It yelled across to them to make their way to him and escape, indicating the portal behind him. Angels formed a barrier around the portal to keep any fiends from escaping.


It was difficult, but eventually they all managed to escape intact. But what awaited them in Hestavar was a terrifying sight. The refugees from the Feywild had been attacked by the dead and many of them had joined them, being subsequently cut down by angels. From the sky, a massive skeletal dragon flew down and with its last force of willpower, begged Seven and the others to free it from Vecna’s control before finally going berserk.


They defeated the dragon which, now freed, imbued its essence into a horn that Seven had taken from its head. It spoke to her through the horn, declaring that it would help her fight Vecna as a weapon.

The other group set up camp in the Screaming Jungle until Alicia’s sister Rosaline could teleport them elsewhere. They managed to rest, but when they teleported, ended up somewhere else they did not recognise. They were unable to breathe, but luckily Alicia had a device that gave them an atmospheric bubble quickly. It was pitch black and when they lit the area around them, they realised they hung in a void. Nearby, a massive silvery metal sphere floated, which they decided to head towards.
They were greeted by a voice from every direction at once, that revealed itself to be named Haagenti, an inventor. It drew them into the sphere and declared that they would fight its creations to test them. It told them that they were in Garavond, the 548th layer of the Abyss. Down a metal corridor, a lumbering metal golem marched towards them.



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