Atlea and Beyond

Session Nineteen: The Edge of Forever

A battle at the end of reality and some unexpected complications.

The party slept the night in the Olol manor in the city of Mithrendain, and awoke to find Rolan was missing. They checked his room and found something they never expected. Encompassing his entire bed was a large crystalline structure that appeared like a coccoon. Illvanuel Olol arrived and asked them to come with him to Forever’s Edge. There he could visit the library and find information about what might have happened to Rolan. Trolol stayed with Rolan to study the structure as they left.

They used a ritual to bring their airship along with Nine and Alathar to the Feywild, and set off to Forever’s Edge.
They found the ruins of some old buildings there, and Illvanuel checked the wards he was charged with maintaining. Illvanuel searched the library (an extradimensional space located through a door) and found the tome he required.
As the group stared out into the void, they noticed a few shapes moving towards them. As they grew closer, they noted that one of them was a beholder and two others were mooncalves: huge tentacled creatures that looked like flying octopi with wings. The beasts came closer, and the beholder began to attack the wards at the edge. It destroyed part of the magical wall, and broke through. The creatures made their way towards the party, and Illvanuel advised them that he would help them defend the Feywild.



Upon defeating the creatures, Illvanuel repaired the wards and the group found a small card with the word ‘void’ scrawled across it and a black picture drawn.


The group headed back to the city, and Illvanuel urged that he had to report the attack to the city authority. They returned to the Olol manor, and were joined by Alathar again. They heard some loud yelling coming from outside and a knock at the door. Answering it, they discovered that Wenraldio, a guard they had met earlier wanted entrance. He walked inside and asked them if they knew a man named Leodor Rastormel. He described him as an eladrin magic-user with blonde hair. The group realised he meant the eladrin that had attacked them in Ralan’daak’s palace, and then destroyed himself and his partner when they were defeated.
Wenraldio blamed them for his death, claiming that he had never been the type to take his own life.
An argument ensued, but an unusual sound from outside interrupted them. They heard the beating of huge wings, and identified it as a dragon’s flight. It sounded like it landed, and they saw a woman come into view. He had dark hair and was covered in fancy jewellery. She revealed herself to be Tiamat, a powerful evil dragon goddess. She addressed Alathar, and told him to give her an amulet he was wearing. She revealed that the amulet belonged to Asmodeus and was valuable beyond measure. Alathar told the group that he got the amulet from the cult of the elemental eye as payment for helping fund them in Ghalem’Ka until they turned on him. He found out the amulet was cursed and could not give it up. Every time he removed it, he was hunted by devils.
They made a deal with Tiamat that they would hand her the amulet if she gave them a dragon to protect Alathar from the devils and a security payment of one of her many rings.
She removed a sapphire-studded ring and handed it to them, telling them that it could be used to call on a dragon for protection.
She turned to leave, and as she rounded the corner, they heard the beating of dragon wings again. She flew away, leaving them with Wenraldio. Wenraldio had been quiet all this time, giving space to Tiamat. He spoke up now though, demanding that the group come with him to the local constabulary and eventually to a trial. They agreed to go with him, and they set out across the city.




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