Atlea and Beyond

Session Forty: Fall of the Dead

In the Emerald City, Silver, Oizo, Char and Alicia were asked to help in the defence of one of the undead-flooded inner districts. In the street, catapults were set up to fight the oncoming undead trolls, but hardly slowed them down. The group fought the trolls with relative ease, setting them alight to stop their regeneration.


Meanwhile, Seven, Rolan and the Bard rested in Hestavar after defending it from Olrithax the dragon. Once they had rested, Hanael warned Seven that she would likely be the key to reversing the control that Vecna had over all the dead in existence. He suggested that seeing as the Grey Waste is the most evil point in existence and was used by Vecna to raise the dead, it might be possible to reverse the process using the holiest point in existence: the Seraphic Well in the Couatl Cloudcourt. They travelled to the Cloudcourt where Seven met the ruler of the Couatl, Nahua. Nahua accepted that it would be necessary to use the Well, guiding Seven in its use. Seven reached out with her mind using the holy energies of the Well and found Vecna. She confronted him with her mental projection, fighting him with the strength of her will. Vecna was defeated, but not injured. He did lose control over the undead however, and all across the planes, corpses of creatures fell to the ground. Vecna cursed Seven, telling her that he would destroy her and everything she holds dear.


In the Emerald City, the trolls also fell to the ground, though few were left. The city guard began the long task of cleaning the streets of dead bodies.



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