Atlea and Beyond

Session Eighteen: The Tyrant of Mag Tureah

The assault on a tyrant and a city of splendour.

The group came down the stairwell to find themselves in an armory. While they donned new equipment and searched, they received a message from Isis warning them to try to avoid conflict with Buarainech, as he was an Archfey: one of the powerful rulers of the Feywild. The group decided to press on, and were led into a large cavern chamber. Peering around the corner, they saw Buarainech on a huge throne, accompanied by a cyclops. To the side of the throne were magical circles, two of which were activated and used as prisons. Trolol was in one of them, and another eladrin man was in the other, both with their corner trees. The man turned out to be Trolol’s father, and the group set about freeing the two and decided to engage Buarainech. Buarainech fought brutally, and Zola was felled in the fight. As Zola collapsed, he noticed that time had stopped and he was being approached by a humanoid figure with horns and a tail. The figure introduced itself as Dispater, and offered Zola a deal. If Zola would allow Dispater to control his body for five minutes in the future, he would be granted a powerful weapon now for the same amount of time and restored to better health.
Zola refused the deal, and Dispater left the fight to continue. Zola found himself awakening to the face of Isis, and she told him he had been resurrected in the Astral Sea. She told him about the powers in the Feywild that seek to destroy unravel the world, and they took counsel with angels of Moradin, Bahamut and Kord before deciding to send Zola back to the Feywild. They took him to a teleportation circle in the huge golden city and he left the Astral Sea.

In the feydark, the fight continued until eventually Buarainech was badly injured. He took one final blow, and began to fade away, leaving the group wondering if he was really defeated. Trolol’s father found a scroll amongst Buarainech’s belongings in the the room that allowed them to create a linked portal, and they stepped through to find themselves not far from Mithrendain. They approached the forest-city and met with a city guard who said his brother was missing. He asked them to keep an eye out for him and told them his brother’s name was Leodor Rastormel. The group continued through the city and they travelled to the Olol manor, where they rested.



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